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COVID and Children

It is highly unusual for Todd and I to reach out in this way, but, given Deanna’s expertise in medical research and recognizing the importance of informed-decision making on matters of personal health and well-being, especially for children, we wanted to be in touch.

This last year has been challenging and, like you, we are eager to get back to normal life. However, the current push to vaccinate children (<18 years) as part of the solution to the pandemic is of grave concern.

Although COVID vaccines are represented as safe and effective, unlike other vaccines their safety record is far from proven. Among many emerging concerns are inflammation of the heart in teens, as well as studies suggesting that the pathogenic SPIKE protein spreads throughout the body causing inflammation. Both of these require further investigation before broader use among children.

Deanna’s medical research firm has been working alongside the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA), a 75 person network of mostly scientists and doctors, in an effort to provide evidence-based information about COVID, including as it relates to our kids.

She recently produced a “COVID and Children” video which presents the data in everyday language to help parents make informed decisions. We hope this along with the other videos in the COVID Sense series, will help you carefully weigh the risks and benefits of vaccination for your children.

Given the time sensitive nature of the material, we wanted to let you know about this video resource. If this sort of material is not of interest to you, please feel free to unsubscribe below. However, if you find this helpful, please join us in advocating for informed-choice by sharing it with others.

What Does The Data Say About Vaccinating Children?

When vaccination is presented as the only way out of this prolonged lockdown, it can be tempting to just line up and get the jab.

However, our kids have decades of quality life years ahead of them and it is imperative that what we give them is proven both safe and effective so that we preserve their health long term.

Informed choice is about taking the time to consider the risks and benefits of a treatment free from pressure in order order to ensure optimal outcomes.

This video reviews the best available data to help you engage in meaningful conversations with your health care provider about whether vaccination makes sense for your child. As the data on children remains unpublished, it is important to note that your health care practitioner may not be familiar with it.

Additional Resources Guide For Parents — Making informed decisions regarding COVID and your children is tough. This guide, authored by Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph and member of the Canadian COVID Care Alliance, outlines important safety information to consider when weighing the risks and benefits of vaccination for your children.

Breaking Science on SPIKE Protein (Audio) — Dr. Byram Bridle shares new discoveries regarding the biodistribution of the pathogenic SPIKE protein, shedding light on some of the emerging cardiovascular and neurological side effects associated with the vaccine.

CDC Investigating Heart Inflammation in Teens The CDC is looking into reports of inflammation of the heart among adolescent vaccine recipients.

Not Enough Data on Kids — Dr. Byram Bridle underscores the experimental nature of the vaccines and why they need more study before being given to children.

Israeli Pediatricians Raise Concerns — Israel is among the most vaccinated populations in the world and yet their pediatricians are asking for more safety data before the vaccine is rolled out to children.

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