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September Update - Vaccine Alert

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Vaccines do More Harm than Good

This September the NEJM published its update of the Pfizer BioNTech phase III trial. This data tells a clear story and it isn't that vaccines are safe and effective. The results prove beyond a doubt that vaccines do more harm than good.

Our “September Update” series on COVID Sense walks through data from multiple perspectives to prove that mass, ongoing, vaccination will be a detriment to society.

Clinical Trial Perspective

In medicine, the only way to prove the benefit or harm of a treatment is in a phase III trial. Therefore, our team has kept a close eye on the phase III COVID vaccine data, as it is definitive.

The updated data published in NEJM, is summarized in the table below and although the vaccines continue to show a 90.9% efficacy relative to placebo, the benefit extends to only a few (3.7%) recipients. However, what is rarely emphasized is that these vaccines INCREASE the risk of any (298%) and severe (71%) adverse events relative to placebo. An effect that extends to17.9% of recipients.

As the studies were conducted in healthy volunteers, they can’t tell us what will happen when the vaccines are given to people who have pre-existing conditions or the frail elderly. As these agents are clearly toxic, we can expect to see more adverse outcomes in these populations.

Real World Perspective

The impact of the vaccines in the broader population is being tracked by passive surveillance systems like VAERS in the US. These systems don’t actively monitor side effects so they can’t gauge the true rate of adverse effects but they can give us a sense of overall safety.

Dr. Jessica Rose has worked tirelessly to analyze this database and in her Reportto the FDA she showed that adverse event reports for COVID-19 vaccines in the first 9 months of this year were higher than adverse events reported for all vaccines combined in the last 10 years.

Her most Recent Safety Presentation identified cardiovascular, neurological, and immunological issues. She has shown that the damage happens within days of receiving the vaccine, which suggests that the vaccines are causing the problem.

Whereas adverse outcomes associated with COVID-19 are usually limited to the elderly and those with chronic disease, Dr. Rose’s research shows that the vaccines are causing disease in young people, those with healthy futures ahead of them.

We can expect the rates among those <15 years to increase as vaccines are pushed in children. To learn more about Dr. Rose’s research please visit her website.

Clinical Perspective

Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, MD, MPH, FS has produced a Sworn Affidavit in support of a motion for a preliminary injunction order to stop the use of vaccines in the department of defence. In this report Dr. Long documents her concerns regarding the cardiovascular damage and micro clots she has seen in her military patients as a result of vaccination.

Pathological Perspective

Investigative Report by the Pathological Institute in Reutlingen World Wide press conference presenting the results of eight autopsies of people suspected to have died from vaccine effects.

The image below is of a patient’s immune system attacking their heart. This case is discussed at 26 - 37 min of the video. The purple dots represent lymphocytes which are targeting the SPIKE protein-laden heart muscle for removal. This auto immune response resulted in inflammation, which weakened the vaccine recipient’s heart muscle to the point of causing signal transduction failure ending in a heart attack. The pathologist reported that the time required for this type of damage to end in heart failure can be weeks, months, or years.

Laboratory Perspective

The team at Exemplify Health Centre examined the immune markers of someone after their first and second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. The team noted a dramatic drop in granulocytes, lymphocytes and natural killer cells. These types of changes are associated with autoimmune disease and could lead to an inability to fight infection and keep cancer in check.

This supports data that was recently published in Scientific Reports which shows that the SPIKE protein, associated with both COVID-19 and the COVID vaccines,is able to activate known cancer pathways, which are linked to cancer growth and spread.

Individual Perspective

These vaccines are harming real people. Their stories are suppressed in the mainstream media out of fear that it will increase vaccine hesitancy, however, Their Stories are valid and deserve to be heard. This is a glimpse into the lives that have been impacted by these policies, with more stories to come as the long-term effects become known.

Investigative Perspective

The lawyer Reiner Fuellmich launched the Corona Investigate Committee early in 2020to investigate the COVID policies that have been rolled out around the globe. In this video he presents his Committee's Final Report which shows a worldwide effort to impose vaccination on the free world.

What can be done?

Regardless of the perspective, it is clear that these vaccines do more harm than good. We need to put pressure on government to STOP vaccine coercion,re-establish informed consent, and prove vaccine safety BEFORE rolling them out to children and implementing booster programs. What can you do to help?

Be Informed - To get the most from our evidence in everyday language please help us expand our e-list by signing up your friends on our website, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our YouTube (soon to be heavily censored) and Rumble channels. You can also become a member at the Canadian COVID Care Alliance (CCCA)

Educate - Promote the CCCAs latest video “Why Do We Need Vaccine Passports?” which exposes the lack of evidence supporting these policies.

Advocate - Get active in a group such as Canada Rising Up and Vaccine Choice Canada and sign petitions against vaccine coercion such as the Jobs and Jabs Act, 2021.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Be well,

Deanna, Todd and the COVID Sense Team

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